Sub Floor Ventilation

Adequate sub floor ventilation is essential for buildings with a sub floor.

How much ventilation will depend on the building materials, age, position, and specific geo location. Factors such as type of ground density, run off, existing drainage, or lack thereof are factors when assessing the sub floor ventilation requirements.

Sub floor ventilation systems replaces the moist air with fresh dry air where you do not have the natural airflow. You can install a sub floor ventilation system which includes the installation of sub floor fans, so the moisture and damp air from the sub floor area is extracted and replaced with fresh air from outside via the sub floor fans.

How To Know If You Need Sub Floor Ventilation

If your sub floor is damp, mouldy, or musty in smell or you have any type of fungi or mould growing – you are likely to require subfloor ventilation.

Homes across the wet, flood effected Eastern Seaboard of Australia are highly prone to mould, mildew, and rising damp which all impact on the need for sub floor ventilation and mould remediation.

Sub Floor Ducted Ventilation System

We use quality centrifugal German engineered fans in our subfloor ventilation systems. These systems are configured to create cross flow in subfloor areas and extract stale contaminated air. As these systems extract air, atmospheric pressure replaces the stale air with fresh air. Typically, these systems are timer controlled and run on mains power.

Typically, the system will run from 10am – 4pm daily:

  • Manage acoustic vs ambient day time noise.

  • Quiet, 150mm German Engineered in-line fans to the subfloor area.

  • These fans will move a total of 500 m3/hr.

  • Associated ducting to enable a broad air movement throughout the affected areas. We use industry standard, nude flexible ducting which will easily last for the expected lifetime of the system.

  • Rigid metal duct ends to prevent rodent damage and to preserve the integrity of the duct in the long term.

  • Connection via a plug-in timer, to a GPO (PowerPoint) to be installed near the entrance to your subfloor.

  • Air supply will be via existing gaps in the foundations/existing vents or via the access door.

  • We will collar the ducting to expel the damp air through all-weather aluminium louvre grills on the existing and installed vents.

  • If required, we will install aluminium all-weather louvre grills for expelled air.

Sub Floor Ventilation System FAQ’s

The average annual electricity running costs will be approx. $75 for the subfloor system (3-Fan System) Typically the system would be set to run 6 hours per day from 10am-4pm.

The fans and our work are guaranteed for 5 years. This is FULL-SERVICE ON-SITE WARRANTY. Any electrical work is performed by licensed tradesmen.

All work/tradespeople are covered by $5 million public liability insurance.

Typically, we can install solutions within 2-4 weeks of order confirmation. It will take approximately 4-6 hours to install on a typical house with full access. The power will typically need to be turned off for approx. 30 minutes (if a new power point (GPO) is being installed). If we can access the subfloor from the yard, there is no need for you to be home whilst we do the work.

We can be contacted by phone or email, 7 days per week. A Downunder Ventilation representative will speak to you within 24 hours and organise a convenient time to inspect your property. We are here to help, whenever you need it contact us via our contact form or call us today.

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